The Stone Roses Have Released Their First New Song In Over Two Decades

The Stone Roses have released something brand spanking new for the first time in over 20 years.

Their hugely successful self-titled 1989 debut release wasn’t followed up until 5 years later, with their second release, The Second Coming in 1994Shortly after, however, the band broke up and we thought that that was that for these Manchurian rock legends.

Until they reunited back in 2011. They embarked on international tours, playing the old stuff that we know and love so well, including a quick stop off on Aussie soil for Future Music Festival in 2013. But it’s only now that we are hearing tunes that are fresh outta the studio from these seasoned music makers.

The band announced the arrival of the single titled All For One on Twitter yesterday, after their infamous lemon logo started mysteriously popping up on billboards throughout Manchester, their hometown, at the beginning of the week.

Stone Roses All For One

The latest single is brimming with upbeat positive vibes and psych-rock, remaining true to the feel of their original sound. It was recorded at Church Studios in London and produced by Paul Epworth.

Back in 2011, when the band had hinted at the prospect of new music, singer Ian Brown said “It’s not a trip down memory lane, not at all. We are doing new songs.” And it’s only now, 5 years later, that we have actually been lucky enough to hear some of it. And surely it won’t end here.

If these iconic rockers have been working away behind the scenes for the last five years, there can be no doubt that this single will be the first off a soon to be dropped third album.

Listen to All For One here, below.

The Stone Roses – All For One

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