Stones Roses Ian Brown Reportedly Calls Own Drummer a C**t

NME has reported that Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown has lashed out at one of his own bandmates onstage, calling drummer Reni a ‘c**t’ after he failed to come back onstage for an encore during a performance in Amsterdam.

The gig in question took place at the Heineken Music Hall on June 12, 2012. According to NME’s source at the show, the Stone Roses had finished the main set and the crowd was anticipating the band to retake the stage and play a 10-minute rendition of I Am The Resurrection, as was the case in Barcelona the week before.

Instead, the lone figure of Brown came back out to face the crowd and inform those in attendance that the show was over because drummer Reni had gone home. Apparently, at first the crowd was unsure whether or not this was some kind of playful hoax, but then Brown reiterated, “I’m not joking, the drummer’s gone home… Get all your aggro out on me, I can take it”, before adding, “What can I say, the drummer’s a c**t”.

Unconfirmed reports have suggested there was a problem with a drum kit, but NME’s source said of the gig: “It was all going really well; they were really tight, they were pulling it off”.

A fan in attendance named Lisa de Jongh contacted NME and gave her account of events, claiming the crowd was very upset once they realised there would be no encore.

“After the song ends, the audience [was] still clapping and yelling and hoping the band gets back [on]… The stage [was] empty, but then the crew walks on stage to get the back line down. Then everyone in the venue start[ed] booing and throwing beers”, de Jongh said.

This current tour is the first by Stone Roses in 16 years. The first show, which took place in Barcelona last Friday, reportedly ended in an onstage band group hug.

*NOTE: There is speculation that Brown was indeed joking and Reni was actually feeling ill. These rumours are so far unconfirmed.

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