Foo Fighters Share Surprise New EP, ‘Live On The Radio 1996’

It’s been far too long since we’ve seen Foo Fighters rockin’ stadiums down under. Thankfully Sir Dave Grohl and co have just released ‘‘Live On the Radio 1996′ and it’s just the thing to take the edge off of those withdrawal symptoms.

A four-song live EP recorded way back in 1996 for radio program ROCKLINE, ‘Live On The Radio 1996‘ was recently uncovered in ROCKLINE producer Scott Weiss’ archives and has been restored, repackaged and released as an Amazon Original EP.

Available now, ‘Live On The Radio 1996‘ features acoustic versions of early Foo Fighters favourites ‘How I Miss You’, ‘Up in Arms’ and For All The Cows’, as well as a never-before-released rendition of ‘Wattershed’. ‘Wattershed’ sees Dave switching up the lyrics, reimagining the song as a travel diary of a trip he took to Canada, sung in the style of Fred from the B-52’s! It’s classic Dave Grohl antics and it’s honestly a crime for them to have hidden it from us all for so long!

Speaking on ‘Wattershed’, Weiss said, “The band laughed and then dove in and started to work up the idea. The show would cut away for commercials and [Foo Fighters] would practice the new ‘Wattershed’ idea. The version of ‘Wattershed’ that would soon be known as ‘Water Fred’ was born.”

‘Live On The Radio 1996’ arrives as the Foo Fighters celebrate their 25th anniversary, and they’re not going lightly on the nostalgia. Last week they rocked Jimmy Kimmel Live! with an exclusive performance of their 1999 megahit ‘Learn To Fly’. They also released a line of merch commemorating each of their studio albums. We don’t know about you but this is making us feel the need to throw on ‘The Colour and The Shape’ and air-guitar our way around the living room.

To listen to ‘Live On the Radio 1996’ Amazon Music listeners can simply ask, “Alexa play the Amazon Original by the Foo Fighters” in the Amazon app for iOS and Android and on Alexa-enabled devices.

‘Live on the Radio 1996’  Tracklist

1. How I Miss You (Amazon Original)

2. Up In Arms (Amazon Original)

3. For All the Cows (Amazon Original)

4. Wattershed (Amazon Original)

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