Suge Knight Claims Dr. Dre Hired A Hit Man To Kill Him

Suge Knight and his lawyers have come out with extraordinary claims that Dr. Dre ordered his death. In 2014 Knight, the co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records, was shot six times at an industry party, and it’s that attempt on his life Knight and his legal team argue that was meant to led to the record producer’s death.

Knight is currently in prison himself, after being charged with murder for the fatal hit-and-run that made headlines last year (he’s yet to be convicted) and these accusations have come to air due to the rap mogul’s current incarceration.

After he officially complained that his solitary confinement was a violation of his human rights, the court ruled the reason why he had his freedom restricted was a matter of secrecy. So in kind, Knight’s lawyers have asked to see these sealed reasons, countering that they’re withheld due to a cover-up; namely, that Dr. Dre ordered hitmen to kill their client in 2014.

The filing by Knight’s lawyers alleges, according to NY Daily News, that the detective in charge of investigating the 2014 shooting told Knight that a man called “Tee-Money” admitted his involvement, and had told the detective that “Dr. Dre paid him a friend $50,000 to kill Knight”.

In addition, the filing claims that an off-duty policeman was captured on video not only helping the shooters get into the party, but that the same policeman was later seen helping the assailants flee the country, and that “authorities inexplicably released Tee-Money” .

The filing doesn’t offer a motive for Dr. Dre, but it does refer to a recent story by writer Michael Carlin, who has released a book on Tupac, titled “Can Suge Knight Get A Fair Trial”, an article which discusses Knight’s alleged involvement with Tupac’s death, and discussing the relationship between Dr. Dre and Knight (apparently Knight had also been asking Dr. Dre for money recently).

Knight – known to his mum as Marion Hugh Knight – has been in prison ever since turning himself in to police in January of last year, after running over two men in the carpark of a restaurant in Compton. Knight has plead not guilty to his charges, alleging that at the time he was being assaulted at the time and was fleeing for his life.

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Dre personally hasn’t made a comment. His lawyers have though, telling TMZ that the accusations are simply “ridiculous”.



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