Summadayze And Summafieldayze 2013 Lineup This Thursday – ‘The Cobrasnake’ To Curate

Organisers of everyone’s favourite summer-themed festivals Summadayze & Summafieldayze will be announcing their lineup for the New Year’s events in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and the Gold Coast. This time around they’re boasting an inspired mix of synth-slingin’ young guns, fresh new blood and super-charged sets from certified global icons.

Last year saw Snoop Dog, Pendulum, Scissor Sisters, Grandmaster Flash, and many more artists who took to stages to welcome in the new year with a bang. We also saw a California theme for used for the events, which added a summer vibe to the festivals feeling. Los Angeles-based pop culture guru Mark ‘The Cobrasnake’ Hunter is to curate the art direction and creative concept of this year’s Summadayze festivals,

His keen eye for aesthetics and distinct photographic style is instantly recognisable. His synergetic style is synonymous with cool and his uncanny knack for capturing the essence of youth culture has earned him the title of the most definitive photographer of hipster global trends to date. He’s shot campaigns for Nike, Blackberry, Playstation, Yahoo!, Sony, Virgin Mobile and many more along the way.

Stay tuned for the Summadayze / Summafieldayze announcement on Thursday, right here on Music Feeds.

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