Supafest A Mess – Impossible New Artist Additions & Still Advertising Cancelled Venues

The latest updates on the fate of SupaMess 2013 aren’t going to please ticketholders too much. On top of the venue dramas from yesterday, which include the festival being without a location in 2 major cities just days before the festival is due to kick off, we now have a mysterious email adding a previously unannounced act to the bill.

It seems an official email from Supafest went out overnight revealing Big Sean to be on the line-up. Ticketholders and Big Sean fans have been left scratching their heads, as not only is this the first ever mention of the artist’s name on the bill, but Big Sean seems to be committed to performing in another country altogether on the announced date for Melbourne.

Yesterday, Flemington Racecoursein Melbourne pulled the plug on the festival, who were quickly followed by Brisbane’s RNA Showgrounds. At that time, Perth Arena confirmed the event would still be taking place there. Music Feeds has spoken to a media rep at ANZ Stadium who informed us that a statement would be coming from the festival this afternoon informing everyone of the changes.

Supafest are still advertising RNA Showgrounds as the location for the Brisbane event despite the venue confirming they were no longer hosting the event yesterday. Though it wasn’t confirmed, the likelihood of the event taking place at its scheduled Sydney venue also seemed doubtful.

Supafest and Dwayne Cross’s Paperchase Touring have been very silent on all of the above issues, but managed to find the time to reply to one follower, confirming to them via Facebook that a new Melbourne venue “will be announced soon” and that the line-up remains sound.

It seems not too many people involved know what’s happening but promoters are still advertising ticket sales, and plugging the event on social media. We spoke with the event’s publicity team Xposed Media who are just as out of the loop as everyone else, it seems.

With this afternoon’s announcement of Movement Festival’s cancellation, it’s a shaky time for urban festivals in Australia. At best, all this commotion points to a highly disorganised event, at worst an attempt to continue to pull the wool over ticketholders’ eyes, and only further raises concerns that this afternoon’s announcement, if it is forthcoming, will not be a pleasant one.

UPDATE: Breaking news regarding Supafest is just in. Click over to this story for the details.

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