Swans Percussionist Says Not To Punch Nazis, Shows How To Do It Anyway

Swans member and frontman of Thor & Friends, Thor Harris, has returned to Twitter after being suspended for sharing a video about how to punch Nazis.

Harris shared a video demonstrating exactly how to punch a Nazi or “anyone else in the Republican party”, and even though he started the video by saying “peaceful protest is better”, he added, “If you have to do it please get someone to film it.”

He then went on to demonstrate the exact hand and arm motion needed to get the best from your punch. He obviously rustled a few feathers, because Twitter suspended his account, much to the bemusement of many:

While he was gone, US experimental band Xiu Xiu re-shared the video and said, “Dear friend Thor Harris was suspended from Twitter for posting this how punch nazis in the face video. here you go!”

For those who are fans of Harris’ Twitter, rest easy, because he’s back now and tweeting more than ever.

“I missed y’all. Who’dve thunk punching Nazis was a hot button issue? Thanks for the support y’all,” he tweeted upon his return.

Last month, a far-right activist was actually punched during a TV news interview and the clip has since gone viral. The internet started remixing the video and setting it to songs like Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ and Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air’.

As far as we’re aware, there haven’t been any remixes of Harris’ tutorial just yet.

His original tweet containing his demonstration video is gone, but you can watch it below thanks to Xiu Xiu.

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