Sydney Studio Distances Itself From “Fraudulent” Booking Agency

Audio engineers from Sydney’s Electric Sun Studios say they have no affiliation with Sydney-based Paramount Agency & Touring after allegations were made yesterday that the agency’s founder was operating under an alias in an attempt to deceive artists and staff members regarding his involvement in an “scam” music festival.

It was alleged in a report by that a man who goes by the name Harrison O’Connor of Paramount is actually Dene Broadbelt, the man responsible for the “scam” Infinity Music Festival in Darwin. David Petrovic and Stevie Knight of Sydney’s Electric Sun Studios are advertised on the Paramount website as part of the Paramount team.

In their statement released today both Petrovic and Knight say they “have no professional or commercial affiliation with Harrison O’Connor or his fraudulent business, The Paramount Agency.”

“Myself and fellow Electric Sun Studio audio engineer Stevie Knight were approached mid July by Harrison O’Connor for use of studio facilities for the artists he was ‘signing’,” explains Petrovic.

“He enquired about the artists that had previously recorded at Electric Sun Studios and after seeming confident in the calibre of the portfolio he stated he would like to work with the us and utilise our services for artists on his roster. There was never a commercial or legal contract/agreement.”

Stevie Knight confirmed to Music Feeds that he had met with the man he knew as O’Connor about the possibility of using his services for some of the artists on the Paramount roster but said those recording sessions never eventuated. He says O’Connor “did not step foot” onto the Electric Sun property. “It was simply an enquiry for studio time and rates etc,” explains Knight.

Earlier this year the event director of Darwin’s Infinity Music Festival, Dene Broadbelt, was implicated in a scandal when many of his past business associates claimed had conned them out of thousands of dollars.

Allegations made yesterday claim this same Dene, who also goes by the last names Mussillon and Morgan according to NT News, is the man listed as “Harry” – Paramount’s Head Booking Agent & Talent Manager. An employee of the company said she notified artists on the roster as soon as she became aware of Harry’s actual identity and according to theMusic those Paramount artists are not currently owed money.

“The team and I at Electric Sun Studios pride ourselves on supporting up and coming and established artists for over 15 years,” continues Petrovic. “We’re shocked to hear of the news but are glad that to date, there seems to be no financial loses for any artists he approached.

“Having worked in the industry and being a musician myself, it perturbs me that there are people who prey on independent artists and give the professional management services industry a bad name.”

Both the official Paramount Facebook page and Dene Broadbelt’s personal page appear to have been taken down since the allegations came to light and police are reportedly investigating the matter.

“The team and I at the studio are at ease knowing that the police are investigating and that he will have no affiliation with the studio going forward,” continues the statement. “Electric Sun Studios continue to work with local and national artists and are currently booked through to September.”

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