Sydney Venue Plan B (Formerly Goodgod) Has A New Name

Sydney venue Plan B Small Club, the space formerly known as GoodGod Small Club, has once again been rebranded, this time under the new banner of Hudson Ballroom.

GoodGod was rebranded as Plan B Small Club late last year, after a team of mates and GoodGod devotees pooled together their cash to take over the lease after the venue went up for sale. But as it turns out, Plan B was a working title for the venue. Upon securing the lease, the new operators didn’t have a final name, so instead they needed a backup plan, which became Plan B.

“For us, the priority was to keep the doors open to one of the few places you can still go for a dance and see a live music gig,” says Clark Mak, part owner of Hudson Ballroom.

“We didn’t have time to work out all the details so we needed a ‘Plan B’ and the name stuck but we’ve since been working away to develop our own identity while continuing to host a diverse mix of artists and the venue’s long running parties and welcoming so many new ones.

“We’re thrilled and honoured to keep this venue going and super excited to finally relaunch the venue as Hudson Ballroom.”

Hudson Ballroom, which was partly inspired by the streets of New York City, will be powered by the team at Nathan Farrell Entertainment, who you may know from events such as Newtown Festival. They also manage Thundamentals and Tuka, so you know they know what they’re doing.

Of course, no one would dare fuck with Belly Bao, so it will remain unchanged at the venue.

Keep an eye out for announcements from the new venture, and a new welcome video and photos of the space, below.

Watch: Welcome To Hudson Ballroom

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