Sydney Venue’s Live Music Night Shut Down Because Bands Had ‘Too Many Members’

A Northern Sydney venue has been forced to bin a live music night that was scheduled to go down this Friday, because both billed bands contained four members apiece. A number which, allegedly according to licensing police, was too damn high.

too damn high

“3 chord, dumb arse punk’n’rock’n’rollers” The Vee Bees were supposed to be making the trek up from Canberra to play at Nomads Brewery in Brookvale with “psychotic skate punk” locals COFFIN, but they had the plug pulled three days out from the show after the venue was apparently worded up by licensing police that bands with more than three members were strictly forbidden.

Taking to the official Facebook event to break the news — and fans’ hearts — COFFIN wrote: “We are appalled to have to announce the show this Friday is CANCELLED after receiving the following message only yesterday (3 days out from the gig):

“Hey _________ from Nomad. I spoke to the licensing police on the weekend as they were at the rugby and they advised me that having your band play here on Friday is going to be an issue. They have imposed a rule on us that only 1-3 piece bands can play here so I’m sorry for the late notice but I am unable to have you play here as they will be here to enforce this and it will risk my liquor licence. Very sorry but my hands are tied.”

The band continued: “A frenzy of efforts have been made by ourselves, The Vee Bees & other bookers to find an alternative venue for the night, but with such sparse time we’ve been unsuccessful in doing so. And for that we sincerely apologize. Sometimes you [sic] just get put on the gronk.”

Music Feeds has contacted Nomads Brewery and the NSW Office Of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR) for further clarification on the live music restrictions placed on the venue’s liquor license.

It comes after a Vivid Sydney gig in the heart of Kings Cross was shut down before 9.30pm due to noise complaints late last week.

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UPDATE: In a statement to Music Feeds, Liquor & Gaming NSW says that Nomads had agreed to a NSW Police request that “any live music and/or entertainment is to be restricted to soloists, duos and trios, and low background music and/or TV screens”. Liquor & Gaming’s full statement reads:

Nomads’ primary business is a brewery. Since 2014, it has held a wholesale/producer licence that allows for the tasting of products on the premises.

The venue last year applied for an additional authorisation to allow the sale of alcohol on the premises at certain times.

NSW Police requested the following condition: “Any live music and/or entertainment is to be restricted to soloists, duos and trios, and low background music and/or TV screens”.

The Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority took the police’s request into account when approving the authorisation with this condition.

The licensee did not object to the noise condition being imposed.

The licensee has the option of applying to have the condition amended on removed, or to seek a different type of licence.

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