Sydney’s Brand New Live Music Venue Opens Tomorrow & It’s Free

Come Thursday, 4th August, i.e.tomorrow, a brand new live music venue will spring forth from the ashes of Newtown’s iconic Vanguard. Leadbelly, as it shall be known henceforth is our brand new live music venue.

Staying true to the ethos of the region, Leadbelly will cater to an all-encompassing, eclectic crowd offering delights from the worlds of rockabilly through to Country, down past indie rock and all the way around to acoustic singer/songwriters.

The venue will be fully locked and loaded with a kitchen, cooking up some world class burgers, po’boys, pizzas, wings and friggin’ Nutella donuts. What other venue has Nutella donuts? Rest assured, the’ll be plenty of grog to wash it all down.

The venue unveiled the musical delights locked in for their first month which, we might add, will be a MONTH OF FREE LIVE MUSIC! These will include shows from Bad Pony, kicking off the opening night with Bin Juice, Pat Capocci, Los Tones and Lepers And Crooks all confirmed to play throughout the coming weeks.

Be sure to be all over their socials. You don’t wanna be ‘that guy’ who misses out.

Watch: Bad Pony – Sideways

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