Taking Back Sunday Singer Punched In The Face Mid-Song

Footage has emerged online of Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazzara copping a punch to the face after a brief tussle with a drunken fan during a show in Glasgow, Scotland.

Caught on an onlookers iPhone, it’s hard to tell from the short clip who started the altercation, but it’s obvious that the punter doesn’t take too well to Lazzara’s antics.

Without missing a beat, the vocalist gets all up in the ‘fans’ grill over something, punching and shoving, even tapping him in the head with his microphone. The punter retaliates with a punch, right in the kisser. Lazzara goes for a swing of his own, fails to connect, then rushes back on stage to complete the song. Security then rushes in and ejects the man, who unbelievably seems proud of his achievement.

Taking Back Sunday recently performed in Australia with New Found Glory. Despite talk the tour would be cancelled due to Lazzara receiving a broken leg while having a cheeky dart outside of the recording studio, the show carried on, Lazzara in full leg cast and all.

Enjoy the rumble below!

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