Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker: “Doing Another Album Doesn’t Excite Me”

What a week, Tame Impala fans. Firstly, we saw the departure of bass player Nick Allbrook, and now frontman Kevin Parker has announced that the prospect of making new tunes with the Perth psychedelic wonders doesn’t do much for him, saying, “Right now, doing another album doesn’t excite me”.

But don’t stress, Impalians – Parker is excited about other ways of getting music out there, with the singer telling Uncut:

“There’s something narrow-minded about thinking an album is the only way you can put out music, especially in the world we’re in at the moment. Anything is possible. There’s so many people doing interesting things with the internet and technology, there could be so many ways of making music and listening to it.”

“It’s 2013 and you can make music anywhere. We’ve got laptops. I just recently caved in and bought an iPhone and I’ve been downloading all these musical apps and I can control my recording programme from my iPhone pad and that’s fucking blowing me away. There are so many possibilities, my brain is overloading on them all. I just need to wait, think about things a bit more. Then I’ll know what to do next.”

Phew. We look forward to both the future musical offerings from Mr Parker’s overloaded brain and the contributions from new bass player Cam Avery. Avery, better known as Pond‘s drummer, replaces Allbrook so he can spend more time being the frontman of, uh, Pond. We hear that’s just how they roll in Western Australia.

Photos: Tame Impala – Brisbane Convention Centre, Brisbane 8/05/2013

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