Taylor Swift And Evermore Theme Park Lawsuits Have Been Dropped

Billboard have reported that both lawsuits between the Evermore Theme Park in Utah and Taylor Swift have been dropped.

“As a resolution of both lawsuits, the parties will drop and dismiss their respective suits without monetary settlement,” a member of Swift’s team said in a statement.

The ruckus first started back in early February when the Evermore Theme Park announced that they were suing Swift for trademark infringement, due to the name of her second 2020 record being evermore.

The park sought millions of dollars in damages from Swift plus legal fees, claiming that they own the “Evermore” trademark. They also alleged that her album resulted in “actual confusion” among the park’s guests and that the merch for the album looked similar to that of the park’s merch.

Swift’s team responded by saying that the claims of the suit were “frivolous and irresponsible”, saying that there was “no basis”.

A few weeks later, Swift announced that her music and trademarks team at TAS Management would be counter-suing the park, alleging that the park routinely played her music on site “without authorization or license agreement.” They alleged that major, marketed performances at the park were soundtracked by three of her singles.

She and her team were seeking unspecific damages plus legal fees along with an injunction that would formally disallow the park from using her work.

Earlier in the year, Swift won the 2020 Grammy Award for Album of the Year, making her the first woman to win the award three times in one’s career.

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