Taylor Swift Is Getting Her Own Frickin’ TV Channel

There was a time when Taylor Swift was in the news so much that it may have felt like she had her own television channel, but now she actually does.

‘Taylor Swift Now’ is a real television station for all those that want to indulge in 24/7 Tay Tay content, which sounds like the equivalent of a YouTube binge that starts with the initial search ‘Taylor Swift’.

US telco AT&T are the geniuses behind the move. They’re launching a streaming platform called DirectTV Now, which is being described as “rules-free TV”. Basically, US customers can stream TV at anytime on any device, including Tay Tay’s channel ‘Taylor Swift Now’.

The channel will be packed with Swifty content from concert performances to behind-the-scenes footage plucked from her extensive archive.

The Verge is reporting that there will be 13 episodes of exclusive Swift content featuring commentary from the popstar herself. They’re expected to launch within the next few weeks.

Swift inked a multi-year deal with the telco giant, and while it’s currently not known how much the deal was worth, she’s one of the biggest stars in the world, so these endorsements surely don’t come cheaply.

As it is a US company, unfortunately it seems like Australians won’t be getting ‘Taylor Swift Now’, although you’re all internet savvy and will no doubt find a way to get your hands on it if you illegally really want to.

Catch a preview of the ‘Taylor Swift Now’ channel, below.

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