Taylor Swift Premieres Re-Recording Of ‘Love Story’ In New Ryan Reynold Commercial

Taylor Swift has been busy working on re-recording her old material after she lost the rights to her own masters, and now she’s premiered one of her biggest hits in a new commercial.

The ad, starring her bestie Ryan Reynolds, is for dating site Match. The song is largely similar to Swift’s original, with the exception of a far more mature sound – which will happen if you re-record a song 12 years after it originally came out.

Naturally, fans are already scouting for any sort of easter eggs that Swift may have wanted to leave in the ad. Particular attention has been paid to a trashed scooter next to a number 6 graffitied on a wall.

Swift’s battle for her masters has been long and gruelling, ever since her old label head Scott Borchetta sold them to Scooter Braun.

She lost the rights to the masters of every album she has released up until 2019’s Lover. As a way to try and re-own them, she is undertaking the grueling task of re-recording every song she had released up until then.

View the commerical, and Swift’s tweet sharing it, below.

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