Tenacious D Hijack New Zealand Weather Report

Although they aren’t trained meteorologists, Tenacious D sure has hell know how to read a weather report. Despite pronouncing almost all of the cities incorrectly, and not actually reporting on any weather, the below footage has surely got to be the best weather report ever delivered to New Zealand natives.

Jack Black and Kyle Glass made the most of their time in NZ and were sure to make it known to everyone that they were in town. Pushing through the language barrier and what appeared to be a few technological issues, the pair did their darndest to inform One News viewers of mother nature’s next move. It is safe to say those watching had to look elsewhere for accurate information, that is, after they were done laughing their heads off.

The clip has been an instant success on Youtube, which begs the question – since when were Kiwi’s cool enough to do something like this, and we weren’t? C’mon guys. Seriously.

Watch: Tenacious D One News Weather Report

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