Terror Universal Unmask Their Singer, Then Fire Him

After weeks of controversy and turmoil Soundwave 2015 act Terror Universal have made a statement announcing that they have parted ways with frontman Chad Armstrong, aka Rott, after he was accused of sexually harassing another artist on a recent tour.

“Friends and fans, thank you for always supporting TU. We want to inform you, that due to personal differences, and the course of events these past couple of weeks, ‘Chad Armstrong’ is no longer the lead singer for Terror Universal,” reads a statement posted on the Terror Universal Facebook page.

The “course of events” referred to began a few weeks back when Otep vocalist Otep Shamaya announced her band would be dropping off a tour because of an incident on a prior tour where she alleges the Terror Universal vocalist “violently grabbed my crotch”.

“We made it very clear that we will never play any show that has Terror Universal on it. We don’t tolerate any kind of passive sexual violence,” wrote Shamaya at the time. Following the post both Armstrong and the organisers of the tour issued a statement denying the claims.

Reports Metal Injection, not long after that the tour’s headliner, Ill Niño, issued a statement saying Terror Universal and Otep were both off the bill. “ILL NINO does not condone any forced act of violence or sexual nature towards any human beings, nor will we tolerate violations of one’s personal space,” read their statement. “This also goes for cyber-bullying, or making demeaning comments towards ANYONE on social media. We strongly support equality for all.”

Comprised of current and ex members of Machine Head, Soulfly and Ill Niño, Terror Universal band members endeavour to keep their identities secret by wearing masks. They only go by stage names, with it now being revealed by the band that their former vocalist Rott was actually Armstrong.

Terror Universal say they’ve already recruited a new vocalist who will make their debut this weekend at a Texas festival. “Next week we will post live video, so you can all hear and see our new kickass singer. We promise, our new frontman is everything you would expect from TU!!”

Photos: Terror Universal @ Soundwave 2015, Melbourne. Photographed by Brett Schewitz

Watch: Soundwave 2015 – Terror Universal On Debut Album Plans And The Trouble With Their Name

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Posted by Terror Universal on Thursday, 9 April 2015

Before the rumor mill begins: We dropped off the Civil Unrest tour because Terror Universals molester singer violently…

Posted by Otep on Sunday, 22 March 2015

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