Tex Perkins Says He Feels “Physically Violated” Whenever He Sees Tony Abbott

National treasure Tex Perkins, like many Australians, is harbouring some fairly negative feelings towards tyrannical man-child fearless leader Tony Abbott.

In comments that were funnily enough in no way related to Tone’s party slapping down a conscience vote on same-sex marriage overnight and taking a collective deuce on the dreams of pretty much everyone who thinks that humans should be treated oh I don’t know EQUALLY, The Cruel Sea frontman has confessed that even the sight of our beloved PM is enough to make him feel physically violated.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, Perkins cited Abbott’s face as his number one motivator for swearing at the tele.

“The Conservative side of politics has had some cold-hearted tiny-minded arseholes over the years, but there’s never been anyone like our Tony,” Perkins explains. “The swear words [I use] are usually euphemisms for some kind of genitalia, ending in ‘unt’ or ‘rick’.”

He continues: “I feel physically violated whenever I see him, as if someone has squirted vinegar in my eyes. Hate is not a strong enough word.”

Tex’s hexes arrive as Australians collectively forehead-slap (some of us, to keep from crying) in the wake of the Liberal Party’s latest attempt to blockade Australia from becoming a free and equal society.

The Libs’ majority decision to disallow themselves a free vote on marriage equality flies in the face of sustained vocal appeals from basically the entire Australian music industry and, more recently, pop twins The Veronica’s, who released a passionate video-letter urging Abbott and his party room to embrace a conscience vote just this week.

Needless to say, if you happen to be neighbours with Tex Perkins, best strap yourself in for a loud night, because his TV is about to cop a mean yelling-at.

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