Texas Couple Arrested After Leaving Daughter At Home & Going To Metal Concert

Big yikes on this one: a Texas couple has been arrested after leaving their 11-year-old child at home, driving over 2,000 (!) kilometres to Detriot to see metal act Godflesh.

As reported by The Houston Chronicle, John Guerrero, 48, and Virginia Yearnd, 39, were arrested earlier this week, having left the 11-year-old at home last Wednesday to make the drive to see the concert, leaving her at home by herself for a day-and-a-half.

Upon discovering that the child was left home alone, her great aunt notified police of the situation. When police arrived at the home, they reportedly discovered the girl trying to cook herself a mea using the stove.

According to the Detroit Metro Times, Yearnd said that she had told her sister to check in on their daughter while they were gone, but the daughter said that never happened and wasn’t true. After hours of trying to contact the couple, the authorities eventually got into contact with them and they said they were in the far closer location of Louisiana.

Naturally, the couple were charged with second degree child endangerment charges, and could face up to 20 years prison time if convicted.

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