That Time Axl Rose Killed A Moth By Shooting It With A Rifle

Unless you’re a professional lepidopterist or, say, Buffalo Bill, most of us find moths something of a nuisance. We’re a lot like Axl Rose in that way. How we differ from the Guns N’ Roses frontman is how we deal with the nuisance. Namely, most of us don’t immediately reach for our thirty-aught-six.

But as Craig Duswalt — Rose’s first assistant and the author of Welcome To My Jungle, Duswalt’s new memoir which features many of his Gunners road stories — will tell you, most of us aren’t Axl Rose, who after noticing Duswalt’s trouble with killing a moth, decided it was time to open fire.

As Duswalt recalls, via the NY Post, Rose had him bat the moth into the corner so that he didn’t shoot out the light, after placing himself under a chair. Once his target was in position, Axl took aim and neutralised his target. According to Duswalt, such occurrences were par for the course with Axl.

One night, after ordering Axl’s dinner of chili and cheese from a Buenos Aires hotel — one that did not serve chili and cheese — Duswalt was dismayed when the waiter brought up “a block of cheddar cheese surrounded by six whole red peppers,” knowing Axl would now call-off the show.

Forced to think quick, Duswalt immediately grabbed the plates and glasses from the waiters’ tray, including the “chili and cheese,” and hurled them against the wall, “smashing them into a thousand pieces.” After offering Axl an explanation he could relate to, the two were bound for the venue.

In the book, Duswalt, who says his dream is to reunite the band’s original lineup for a charity show, also recounts the time Axl booked a flight for a stuffed elephant on the Concorde — at an estimated cost of $10,000 — in order to see it make its way into the arms of his girlfriend on her birthday.

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