The 1975 Are Hosting A Listening Party This Weekend For Their Debut Album

The 1975 are throwing fans a special listening party on Friday (our Saturday morning). The online listening party will see the band take us through a track by track guide to their 2013, debut, self-titled album.

They haven’t shared a whole bunch of detail just yet. What we do know is, it’s set for 7pm BST, which is 4am AEST on Saturday, 2nd May. We’re not sure whether it’ll be on Instagram Live or a separate platform just yet.

Sharing the news via Instagram, they posted the self-titled release’s album art with the listening party’s deets. The post was captioned, “// A L B U M 1 – L I S T E N I N G P A R T Y – F R I D A Y 7 P M B S T // L O V E.”


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// A L B U M 1 – L I S T E N I N G P A R T Y – F R I D A Y 7 P M B S T // L O V E #the1975

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The 1975 was released in September back in 2013. It topped UK charts and was home to classics like ‘Chocolate’, ‘Sex’, and ‘Girls’.

We’re currently patiently awaiting a slightly delayed The 1975 album. Notes On A Conditional Form is due to land in our ears on Friday, 22nd May. The good news is the tracklist has a whopping 22 songs on it — have a looksie down below.

We received the latest offering from the album just last week with ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know’, which you can have a listen to below.

The 1975 – ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ Tracklist

1. The 1975

2. People

3. The End (Music for Cars)

4. Frail State of Mind

5. Streaming

6. The Birthday Party

7. Yeah I Know

8. Then Because She Goes

9. Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America

10. Roadkill

11. Me & You Together Song

12. I Think There’s Something You Should Know

13. Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied

14. Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy)

15. Shiny Collarbone

16. If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)

17. Playing On My Mind

18. Having No Head

19. What Should I Say

20. Bagsy Not in Net

21. Don’t Worry

22. Guys

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