The Abercrombie Hotel Will Open Again Tomorrow

A rep from the Abercrombie Hotel has confirmed the venue will open again tomorrow as usual despite the fire damage inflicted on the pub overnight. Staff at the venue will work overtime today to clean up the venue in time for tomorrow, which suggests the damage is not as bad as first reported.

Police and emergency services were called to the venue at 2:40am this morning after a fire broke out on the ground floor. Police believe the fire stated under “suspicious circumstances” and are investigating the event.

The Abercrombie’s weekly Friday club night, Totally Barry, will go ahead as normal as well as all other events that have been scheduled at the venue.

Statement from the Abercrombie Hotel:

The owners of The Abercrombie Hotel are working with the NSW Police on their investigations into a incident which started a fire at 2.30am this morning. The hotel is currently a crime scene and access to view the full damage is not possible. It’s understood there is some fire and water damage from the sprinkler system.

The information and reporting in the media on The Abercrombie’s links to John Ibrahim are incorrect. The Ibrahim’s are not a partner in this project, nor any of the pubs which the group manage in Surry Hills. There has been significant and ongoing misreporting on this topic.

The Abercrombie property is owned by Frasers and is leased to business partners James Wirth, and James Miller. The Abercrombie reopened in July 2011 and has enjoyed strong support from the local community and university students.

“Its a great venue and we are obviously very disappointed about this appalling act against our property. This has a significant impact on our business operations” says the owners.

The Abercrombie will reopen as normal for 12pm Thursday.

Thank you for your support and concern.

The Abercrombie Hotel.

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