The Amity Affliction Bassist: “I’m Yet To Meet A Good Cop”

Ahren Stringer, bassist and vocalist for Queensland metalcore outfit The Amity Affliction, was at the centre of controversy last week after making a post to his Instagram account that many interpreted as endorsing violence against police. Stringer has now opened up about the post.

“I’m sure there are good cops out there; I’m yet to meet them,” Stringer said in a recent interview with FasterLouder, reiterating previous sentiments. “I’m not saying we should get rid of the police force and kill them all, that’s more of a metaphor for saying, hey, there’s something wrong here.”

The post that first landed Stringer in hot water was a photo of a police funeral emblazoned with a caption reading, “Freedom grows when cops get planted. Plant a freedom seed today.” After receiving death threats, Stringer explained that the post came out of a resentment he feels towards cops, having been personally victimised by police officers. “They just abuse their power,” he tells FL.

“They’re killing people all the time, and using excess force,” the bassist continued. “What about that guy who got tased to death by the police after stealing some biscuits from a 7-11 in Sydney? I think this stuff happens too often and it shouldn’t. It could be prevented by getting not bullies and anyone with the lowest IQ who wants to become a cop, just give them a badge and a gun.”

“I remember one particular event where I was in the Valley [in Brisbane] and someone stole my wallet,” Stringer recounted. “I was chasing after them to get my wallet back, probably with some profanity, and the cops grabbed me and locked me up. I was held there for 24 hours.”

Stringer claimed that on another occasion, after reporting his car stolen, he felt that police “basically treated me like a suspect straight away even though I didn’t have insurance or anything to gain.” The posts have been removed from Stringer’s Instagram and he has issued an apology.

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Photos by Ashley Mar

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