The Beach Boys To Tour Without Brian Wilson

The Beach Boys have announced a 50th anniversary tour for next year but Brian Wilson, songwriter and band leader, has said he will not be taking part.

Following a buzz of activity from the Beach Boys, including re-recording their 1968 hit Do It Again a few months ago as well as the upcoming release of the Smile Sessions, the rumours of a reunion tour have been lent credence by a recent Rolling Stone interview.

Al Jardine said: “We’ll do maybe 50 amphitheaters here (USA) and 50 or 60 overseas. It’ll be whenever the buyers think is the best time for us. We’re wide open for that.”

The creative genius behind the band’s music, Wilson, isn’t as keen.”No,” he said to Q magazine in a separate interview. “There’s been talk that I was going to join the Mike Love group but it’s not true.” He is currently committed to solo projects including an album of Disney songs, even though he was talking of rejoining the band back in May.

Since releasing his solo version of Smile, Wilson has toured several times. Money may play a part in any final decision against how he feels about working with his old band mates.

“I don’t really like working with the guys,” he said, “but it all depends on how we feel and how much money’s involved. Money’s not the only reason I made records, but it does hold a place in our lives.”

Lead singer Mike Love still thinks there’s magic to be made though: “Everybody sounds great. Brian will sit down at the piano and come up with some chords to sing, and it’s always impressive. He hasn’t lost the ability to do what he does best: chord progressions, vocal arrangements and great harmonies. It could be very exciting to do that all over again.”

Brian Wilson is renowned for refusing to tour with the band after an anxiety attack about performing live in 1964. The band continued to tour without him while he worked in the studio on the incredible Pet Sounds and Smile.

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