The Belligerents Channel Classic Psych-Pop On ‘9 Times Out Of 10’

Brisbane quintet The Belligerents are back with the new single ‘9 Times Out Of 10’. It’s a classic psych-pop song with big hooks and plenty of dreamy atmospherics.

The song was written by vocalist and guitarist Lewis Stephenson and produced by Stephenson and bass player Konstantin Kersting. ‘9 Times Out Of 10’ follows the band’s 2021 comeback single, ‘Emily’; The Belligerents’ first release in four years.

The long gap between releases is partly due to Stephenson and Kersting’s commitments as producers. Stephenson worked on Client Liaison’s 2021 LP, Divine Intervention.

Kersting found international success for his production on Tones And I’s ‘Dance Monkey’ and the corresponding EP, The Kids Are Coming. He’s also worked with The Rubens, The Jungle Giants, Mallrat and Spacey Jane.

But, as Kersting told triple j last year, the time apart has benefitted The Belligerents. “We couldn’t have done that four years ago – made the music we make now,” he said of ‘Emily’.

‘9 Times Out Of 10’ backs up this claim. Both tracks will appear on an upcoming EP. Stephenson explained the origins of ‘9 Times Out Of 10’:

“The main synth was a loop on a Korg MS-20 running through a couple of guitar pedals. I played piano over it and started singing until the melody appeared. The rest of the instrumentation came together quickly and Kon and I finished the track off.

“Lyrically, I’m pleading to be understood by another person. I’m crying crocodile tears and feeling sorry for myself. Nine times out of ten I don’t understand why you hurt me, but one time out of ten I probably deserve it.”

Watch the video for ‘9 Times Out Of Ten’ below.

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