The Bronx Are Working On A “Secret Project”

The Bronx frontman Matt Caughthran says the Los Angeles hardcore outfit are at work on a “secret project” involving “four or five different songs.” Speaking recently to Music Feeds, Caughthran said that Australian fans may get to hear the new material on the band’s upcoming East Coast tour.

“This is Bronx stuff,” explained Caughthran, when asked if the new material would appear on an potential release from the band’s popular mariachi band alter ego Mariachi El Bronx. “It’s kind of a secret project so I can’t get too much into it, but it’s going to be four, four or five different songs.”

“We’re kind of cranking right now, just doing stuff to do it ’cause it feels good,” he added. “There’s no real end game or pressure or anything, we’re just trying to create music right now. We’re just going with it. We’ve got a little time off and we’re just writing songs. Maybe we’ll play something in Australia – we’ll have to see. We’ve got some good rehearsal time booked, it’s gonna be fun.”

However, the singer said there is presently no timeframe of release for the new tracks. “If there was I’d tell you, but we’ve got a couple of different opportunities here to release them through so we’re literally just writing and recording right now. We’ve got four songs done right now, probably get five done. Track them next week and when we get them done – who knows? It’s anyone’s guess.”

In the interview, Caughthran explained that the band is “in constant work mode,” saying, “It’s really cool to get the chance to experience as much music and as much creation as I can while I’m alive. It’s a great thing. To be able to do that and play music with your friends, it doesn’t get much better.”

Watch: The Bronx – Youth Wasted

The Bronx 2014 Australian Tour

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Sunday, 15th June 2014

Crowbar, Brisbane

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Monday, 16th June 2014 (High Tension not appearing)

Crowbar, Brisbane

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Tuesday, 17th June 2014

170 Russell, Melbourne

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Thursday, 19th June 2014

Dark Mofo (Odean Theatre), Hobart

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Friday, 20th June 2014

Metro Theatre, Sydney

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