The Chaser Have Released Their First-Ever Comedy Album, ‘The Non-Essential Collection’

The Chaser team have released their first comedy album, The Non-Essential Collection. The collection, out today, is made up of 100 sketches from the Radio Chaser show, which was broadcast on Triple M between 2017-2019. It also includes a new original song from the group’s Andrew Hansen titled ‘The Pandemic Panic’.

Proceeds from the album’s sale will go to Australian climate change movement Tipping Point, which you can learn more about here.

“This is undoubtedly the greatest album of sketches from a radio show that ran from 2017-2019 released this year,” commented the group’s Dom Knight. “It’s exactly like an André Rieu album, except it’s intended to be funny.”

“I am so happy that we’ve finally released our very own album, 21 years after The Chaser started and a decade after the album format died forever.”

Indeed, if you’d like to use “technology from the mid-1980s” to listen to the collection, the group are releasing a special edition, personally signed double-CD of the album, available now via the group’s website.

“We had a lot of interest from the big record labels,” jokes Hansen. “But that fizzled out when they realised Harry Styles isn’t part of our group.”

Stream The Non-Essential Collection here via Spotify.

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