The Chaser Project Advertising Onto The Opera House & Other Sydney Landmarks

Comedy group The Chaser have taken the debate around the Sydney Opera House to the next level, projecting advertising onto the iconic venue and some other Sydney landmarks during the early hours of Tuesday morning.

After putting the call out for help yesterday…

…the group eventually scored a projector large enough for their escapades.

Once everything was ready to go, the projector was driven around the city by The Chaser’s Charles Firth, blaring its message — “ADVERTISE HERE: Call Alan” — supposedly sharing Alan Jones’ real mobile phone number in the process.

The image was projected on the Art Gallery Of NSW (“The Art Billboard Of NSW,” says Firth) and NSW Parliament House, before The Chaser made their way to the Sydney Opera House.

After being denied entry by security, the group turned around and left, but not before managing to beam their projector onto the sails of the Opera House.

Watch their prank in full, below.

Tens of thousands of people have signed petitions defending the Sydney Opera House and its CEO Louise Herron, after NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian ordered the venue to allow advertising for the Everest Cup horse race to be projected on its sails, after she was lobbied by the likes of 2GB broadcaster Alan Jones.

Thousands of Sydneysiders are also preparing to take part in an unofficial “light-based” protest over the decision tonight, forming their own “counter-projection” during the Everest Cup advertising display.

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