The Cult’s Tour Bus Crashes, Nearly Falls Off Cliff

The Cult have been involved in an almost fatal bus crash while on tour in Europe. The band were traveling from Croatia to Slovenia when the bus hit something on the side of the road and almost fell off a cliff. Speaking with Spinner frontman Ian Astbury said:

“All of a sudden, the bus veered violently, hit the guard rail and tipped on a 45-degree angle, then righted itself and came to a halt. The guard rail was the only thing that prevented us from going over an 80-foot drop.”

Astbury suffered minor injuries to his neck, back and shoulder however, the rest of the band were asleep in their bunks and were not injured.

“You never think something like this is going to happen to you, and it just did,” Astbury said.

The driver managed to find a service station down the road and 20 hours later the band made it to their scheduled show and performed on time.

The Cult are currently on tour in support of their latest album Choice of Weapon.

Photo: Herfitz PR

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