The Devil Wears Prada To Release Live CD/DVD

Plans for a soon-to-be released live CD/DVD from Metalcore powerhouse The Devil Wears Prada were a hot topic in a recent Alt Press interview with frontman Mike Hranica. The band, who rose to an international level at a meteoric rate, recently toured the world behind their latest release Dead Throne.

Set to be released June 26, DEAD/ALIVE shows footage from a US tour featuring Whitechaple: “We had a lot of awesome shows and we put a lot of time into the rehearsals, setlist and the production. So much of the elements that we focus on when we go on tour are captured well in DEAD&ALIVE.”

This will be the latest edition to the ever growing list of metal bands with DVD’s, though Hranica is positive DEAD/ALIVE will stand out from the clutter: “Obviously, I’m not the one behind the monitor editing this hour-long live show, but I know that nothing should be run-of-the-mill or another brick in a wall. When we make a record, I don’t see Devil Wears Prada as this envelope-pushing, progressive godsend to the world of music. But there needs to be a wholeheartedness and a sincerity and a certain level of originality in the things that we do.”

Hranica did admit that budget restraints restricted his creative desires: “I wish we could do 10 DVDs with hours and hours of bonus footage. But there are these things called ‘budgets’. [Laughs.] Obviously, we could make the next Avatar for our next DVD, but then the budget thing kicks in again.”

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