The Flaming Lips Frontman On Writing: “We Make Up Shit As We Go”

Fans of The Flaming Lips who have sat back in awe at their musicianship might be a little surprised to hear just how little planning the band put into their tracks. While doing the press rounds for their forthcoming release The Terror, frontman Wayne Coyne has explained that they are pretty much just jamming as it comes out.

Speaking to DIY, who interviewed Coyne on the topic, the vocalist explained, “It’s almost a year since we finished it. People think that you write all the songs before you go into the studio. We don’t, we’ve never done that, we make up shit as we go.”

Earlier in the interview, Coyne was asked whether the album would be dark, to which he answered, “I don’t know if it’s dark…or it’s just not light. There is a difference.”

Regardless of how much experience they have in the studio, The Flaming Lips try not to be pinned down to too many ideas prior to recording. Coyne added, “You can never really go in and say, that’s what we’re going to do. It isn’t that you know what you want, it’s just that you reject what you don’t want. By listening and…tasting, you know it’s not that. And what you haven’t rejected, is your record, is your art.”

The Terror, which was produced by Dave Fridmann, will be released Monday, 1st April.

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