The Flaming Lips: Hear Your Name In Their 6 Hour Song Recording

My dream is to be featured in one of Wayne Coyne’s now-famous phone doodles but failing that I wouldn’t mind my name in one of his songs.

The Flaming Lips are releasing a six-hour song called I Found A Star On The Ground featuring obviously lots of things, including a lot of names, apparently. Fans have to pay for the privilege though – but it’s for a good cause, with 100% of the money going towards the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and Academy Of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma.

No guarantees of how your name will be mentioned in the song and judging by Coyne’s doodles, you could end up being part of a terrifying landscape of warped Flaming Lips dreams. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Coyne spoke about the project in a kind of awkward news interview, explaining that he was inspired by a children’s toy that claimed to provide “hours of fun”. The six-hour song, Coyne says, may be a theme-and-variation version of a 25-minute song that the Lips have already sort of written. You can see the project take shape here.

Flaming Lips will be out here for the Harvest Festival line up in November.

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