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The Flaming Lips Want To Play A Show To An Audience Entirely In Bubbles

The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has said that the band are on track to play a concert where each member of the audience is within their own inflatable bubble.

While this might seem like usual fodder for the band, this is being done so the band can play a concert without endangering the health of the audience.

“We, The Flaming Lips, already know how to do space bubbles and we know what people do when they’re in the bubbles,” Coyne recently said in an interview with Jambase.

“The part that we’re trying to get down is what does the crowd do about going to the bathroom and getting drinks? We don’t want this to be [a super spreader event] like that Smash Mouth [concert].”

Coyne is referring to a recent gig thrown by self-proclaimed blunt tools Smash Mouth, who played a concert that was completely packed.

“We want this to be safe and a great experience,” Coyne continued.

“Those are the things the venue is allowing us to set up so we can start to figure out how it will work. The part about playing in the bubble, we already have down. It’s how we get the crowd in and out without cross-contamination that we need to figure out, but they’re giving us a few weeks in this venue to figure it out. We’re thinking this will probably happen after the election.”

Coyne also shared images of the band prepping what an all-bubbled audience might look like. Check it out below.

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