The Future Of Soundwave Adelaide Is Once Again In Doubt

Soundwave Festival could become a solely east coast affair in coming years, according to festival chief AJ Maddah who has indicated that this year’s poor ticket sales could lead to Soundwave leaving Adelaide for good.

Just weeks before Soundwave 2015 kicks off in Adelaide on Saturday, 21st February, AJ Maddah has labelled the event’s ticket sales “pathetic” adding that 2015 could be the, “Last SW in Adelaide unless it picks up in a big way.”

This isn’t the first time Maddah has cast doubt on the festival’s future in South Australia. He expressed the same concerns about the Adelaide leg of the festival early last year, around the same time it was confirmed that Soundwave will not be travelling to Perth at all in 2015, and reiterated them this year when he announced no Sidewaves will be travelling to Adelaide in 2015.

Interestingly, Maddah has also stated that Tasmania could play host to some of those Sidewaves in future years, in lieu of an Adelaide stop.

He has also had public struggles with Adelaide City Council, who he accused of trying to “get rid of Soundwave.” For their part, the ACC insisted that that they welcome music festivals and “recognises the importance of them and the enjoyment they bring to many people.”

For now though, Soundwave 2015 will kick off in Adelaide and Melbourne on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd February before making its way to Sydney and Brisbane on Saturday 28th February and Sunday March 1st.

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