The Horrors Confirm New Album Almost Complete

Good new for fans of The Horrors, the English quintet’s pattern of releasing a new album every 2 years looks set to continue. The band have confirmed their yet-to-be titled 4th studio album is almost complete with bassist Rhys Webb revealing recording is just about wrapped up:

“We’re right at the end of the recording process and ready to roll. We’re recording 11 tracks.”

Webb went on to add he’s pumped with how the material is shaping up, with the new record taking inspiration from past releases while exploring new directions. The bassist also heaped praise on frontman Faris Badwan, saying the singer has never sounded better:

“It’s sounding very exciting. I always think there is more in common with our albums than a lot of people say, but we always want to move forward as a band and make something better than what we have done before, and I think we have definitely been successful with that. Faris is sounding fantastic too – I think it’s the best he has ever sounded.”

Although Webb didn’t give up the goods on what the lead single will be called, he gave hint as what The Horrors’ will unleash as the first taste of the album:

“It’s a very upbeat song full of electronic oscillations. ‘Euphoric’ is definitely a good word to describe the way it sounds.”

Sounds intriguing. Keep an eye out on Feeds for as more info emerges.

(via NME)

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