The Hu Are Going Live Today For A Performance And Q&A With Jacoby From Papa Roach

Prior to Download Festival Australia’s cancellation this year due to coronavirus, one act a whole bunch of ticketholders were keen to witness live was The Hu.

They’re a Mongolian band that combine elements of Western rock music like heavy guitars and frantic percussion with traditional Mongolian instrumentation like the morin khuur (horsehead fiddle) and throat singing. They’re epic, and it’s a bummer they weren’t able to bring it to the Download stage this year.

They did, however, manage to play a pair of presumably huge side shows in Adelaide and Brisbane before live music was cancelled indefinitely and we all went into self-isolation, and have been stranded here ever since.

They’re going to be able to return to Mongolia this week, but to pass the time, they’re going to be going live today at midday Sydney time – so like, quite soon – with Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach for a Q&A session and acoustic performance. Shaddix recently teamed up with the band for an updated version of their single ‘Wolf Totem’ which saw the Papa Roach frontman adding his guest vocals into the mix.

It’ll all be going down over at the band’s official Instagram account, so grab your phone and settle in from noon today.

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