The Lana Del Rey Song Title Generator Is Very Reliable

You’re not going out on a limb if you say Lana Del Rey has her own, easily recognisable style. We had her pegged from the moment the we all became entranced with the weeping figure embracing herself as she sang forlorn lyrics about playing video games and memories of summers on the town.

This might be why we find the Lana Del Rey Song Title Generator to be so hilariously… accurate. Just about anything it spits out, from Whiskey Chastity, to Neo-Realist Brunch, could easily sit alongside real titles from Del Rey’s idiosyncratic catalogue, like Florida Kilos and Ultraviolence.

The makers of the generator have certainly managed to tap into the inner workings of an artist whose most recent melodramatic declaration was “I wish I was dead already.” The formula? Combine something opulent with something lowly/depressing. Check some of our favourites below.

Gallery: Lana Del Rey Song Title Generator Highlights

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