The Mars Volta Fans Slam Warner Bros Facebook Page

Mars Volta fans have flocked to The Warner Bros Facebook page slamming the record company with posts demanding they release The Mars Volta’s sixth album. Fans have posted hundreds of comments over the past few days replying to updates the company has made about other releases, demanding The Mars Volta’s new album in 2011. In response to a post Warner made promoting the new Greenday album one fan said:

Green Day? Really? I mean, you have one of the greatest bands under contract and instead of some promo for The Mars Volta, you promote a boring Band named Green Day? Release The new Mars Volta Album 2011

Other fans are also encouraging Facebook users to get on Twitter and harass Warner CEOs.

While there has been little published about what is actually going on with the album, we do know that The Mars Volta had a pre production meeting for the album in 2010. On December 9, 2010 a statement was made via the ORLProductions Twitterpage read: “In LA finishing up the new The Mars Volta album”.

In an interview with in February 2011 when asked what the plans for The Mars Volta were Omar said: “The record is done. Whenever the record label decides to put it out that’s when we’ll hear something new”.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez has never been a big fan of the record label business, he has released 25 solo albums in his time and it seems Big Label politics are getting in the way of The Mars Volta sixth album being released.

In March 2011 The Mars Volta were showcasing new songs while playing under Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s solo act Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group which lead people to believe the band were unable to play under their own name due to legal implications.

A petition website has been set up by fans demanding Warner release the album and why not? If the band want to release it and the fans want to hear it then its about time the suits at Warner got out of the way.

A Statement on the site reads:

Release of The Mars Volta’s new album in 2011!

We, the fans of The Mars Volta, pledge a dedication to the group until the day we die. We recall the early days of this band in 2001, when so many of us started listening and sharing their music and their inspiration and messages.

Fast forward nearly a decade: the year is 2009. After a long 2 year wait from the band’s latest release, The Bedlam in Goliath, we recall everything that the album has given to the fans and all listeners: the strong promotion that followed the album to its success, the Alternate Reality Game it featured, the controversial story that surrounded the album, and, most importantly, the amazing live performances the group had been capable of bringing to Earth as an 8-man band. Wherever they had tried going, they were now on the top of the Earth.

This same year, the band made a very important decision as well: they decided that they would leave their current label, Universal, in favor of being signed to Warner Records. With this decision, and a new contract, they decided to release the new album Octahedron on it. Just like they always have done, The Mars Volta unarguably retained and vastly improved their musical qualities and inspirations with this album. The same, however, cannot be said about the hype that surrounded it: where were the alternate reality games? The viral marketing? The promotional shows to support the album? On that day, the fans around the Earth pondered: where was the help this band needed from their label?

In the past two years, the group has officially come out with small pieces of information about their next album. In this long period of time, not a single word of advertisement or official promotion can be seen from anywhere else but the band members themselves, on the Internet. Recently, and much to the disappointment of fans, globally, it was announced that the album was expecting a release in 2012, under the explanation that there were label politics issues.

In an act of response, fans have taken social media to their advantage, helping promote the new release on various websites. This same reactive Internet movement has also started to beg Warner Bros. Records for a release in 2011, and after much discussing on the direction of the operation, the fans have now decided.

The petition you see in front of you today is to support the official release of the sixth album of The Mars Volta. We, the fans everywhere, will sign on to yet again hear the best music group again to be conceived in the music industry for decades to pass and come. Your small bit of help will gain the biggest appreciation in the interest of The Mars Volta and the fans of the group. Much like the band did in at their origins, we ourselves must aim for the sky, and help this album become a reality!

You can sign the petition here.

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