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The Offspring Update From The Studio

Written by Jason Strange on May 6, 2010

The Offspring are busy working on their 9th studio album with legendary producer Bob Rock (he of Metallica fame). Vocalist Dexter Holland posted on the band’s message board this update:

“Working with Bob Rock has been the best experience that we have had in the studio. Bob is obviously a great producer, but beyond that Bob and we get along and sort of see the record making process similarly..the songs sometimes take a little longer to finish but the end result is far better for taking the time and is something we’re very proud of.

Right now we’re working on a new batch of songs..they’re all in different stages, some are just started and some are nearly finished. The only song title I have right now is one called ‘It’s All Good’..will it make the record? Who knows! We are going in the studio today, everyday for the next two weeks..we’re going to try to get something new finished and ready to play live on tour this summer..we’ll keep you posted!”

The groups last offering was 2008’s “Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace”. The group were meant to tour Australia last November but cancelled when the Mega Rampage festival was canned.

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