The Postal Service Reunion Potentially In The Works

Despite many years of the idea being shut down, BrooklynVegan has today posted a very confident and mysterious article claiming that a reunion from The Postal Service is in fact in the works. BrooklynVegan, who aren’t the type to post unconfirmed rumours, offered little insight into the story, but it appears that Coachella is closely related.

The Postal Service seriously left fans hanging after their amazing 2003 album Give Up. Following the release, half of the creative duo behind the electronic, or indietronica, twosome – Ben Gibbard – confirmed that a sophomore album would be in the works. However, slowly over the months it became obvious that that would never happen. Since 2008, Gibbard has intently denied any and all rumours that there would actually be a second album, and even shut down all talk of a reunion.

According to Consequence of Sound, as recently as late last year, Gibbard spoke to Spinner Magazine about the second album, stating, “There are no plans to make a second record…I can’t say that enough”. He also stated that fans “shouldn’t hold their breath” for a reunion, though his conclusion does actually lend some credibility to this rumour: “I find that making music in computers involves a lot of mouse time… I don’t have an aesthetic for that… I’m much more interested in playing music than creating it.”

The only other clue in the BrooklynVegan article, other than the title and the photo of both Gibbard and his creative partner in crime Jimmy Tamborello, is a series of links to Coachella-related news.

Could Coachella have coaxed the two back together for a long-awaited comeback? The internet certainly thinks so, with the news spreading like wildfire, despite being very, very vague.

Fingers crossed.

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