The Prodigy On “Lazy” Modern DJs: “It’s Not That Hard To Bring Some Records”

Electro-punks The Prodigy are sick and tired of lazy DJs who pre-mix their sets, come on stage, hit play and lap up the attention. Prior to the group’s appearances at Future Music Festival 2015, their main man, Liam Howlett, has said new DJ trends are changing electronic music for the worse.

In a recent interview with News Corp, Howlett recalled that the group’s song Ibiza, which appears on their forthcoming sixth album The Day Is My Enemy, was written after their lighting technician showed off a prerecorded mix CD used by a DJ. Howlett didn’t reveal who the DJ was, but he had some fighting words.

“The new breed of DJs, some of them are really lazy,” Howlett said. “It’s just not on. Pre-mixing a set before you’ve even got to a venue — all this stuff should be live. It’s not that hard to bring some records and play them, come on. What the fuck are these guys doing?”

Howlett also said The Day Is My Enemy is an anti-pop reaction to electronic music’s increasingly prevalence in the pop world, which he sees as a danger for electronic musicians.

“[The Day Is My Enemy] is a reaction to what’s going on around us. Electronic music has become pop music. The sound has been stolen. A lot of dance producers have given away their sound to pop artists. So people in everyday life are used to hearing an electronic sound as pop music now. It’s my job to make sure we’re as far away from that as possible. We’re anti that. The music we make is a statement.

“This record is definitely violent. I only use music for one reason, I want it to attack me. I don’t know what a mellow Prodigy would sound like. The band only operate in one mode. And on this album it’s in full on mode.”

The Prodigy perform at Future Music Festival 2015 when it kicks off in Sydney tomorrow night. Following the festival tour, the group will play one headline show in Sydney on 11th March. Details below.

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The Prodigy Sydney Future Sideshow

Tickets on sale now

Wednesday, 11th March 2015
Big Top, Luna Park, Sydney (18+)
Tickets: Moshtix | 1300 GET TIX

Also performing as part of Future Music Festival 2015

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