The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Planning New EP For 10-Year Anniversary

Having now officially become a legacy act, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus have announced plans to release a brand new EP, and by the sounds of things, it’s going to be a fairly loaded record.

It is titled Et Tu, Brute?, which were of course the famous last words of Julius Caesar as he fell on the Ides of March as written by Shakespeare, showing that a lot of thought has gone into this release. The first track off the release, which you can listen to below, is titled You Can’t Trust Anyone These Days. This is a direct reference to Junius Brutus, who betrayed Caesar and took part in his assassination. And they say you’ll never need to use what you learned in advanced English.

The band have teamed up with David Bendeth, which is a hark to the RJA of yesteryear as Bendeth was at the helm for their 2006 album Don’t You Fake It. Parts of the new single do draw some parallels to that record, but for the most part, the band seem to be looking forward with their sound, rather than back.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Et Tu, Brute? will be released Friday, 15th March.

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