The Replacements Have Probably Broken Up, Again

Alternative rock heroes The Replacements might have just played their final show. Well that’s according to frontman Paul Westerberg, who reportedly announced during the band’s Primavera Sound set today that it would be their last time together on stage.

Reports Pitchfork, Westerberg made the declaration during the set, after already saying that the band ditched their soundcheck in favour of staying at the hotel. “Lazy bastards to the end,” he said, and then smashed his guitar. Seems a fitting way to go out really.

The Replacements kicked off their reunion tour in 2013, after a 22 year hiatus. That year they headlined Riot Fest stages in Toronto, Denver, and Chicago. They followed that up with sets at Coachella, Boston Calling, and a North American tour this year.

There have even been recent reports, according to Billboard, that the band have been working on new material of late, having recorded up to eight songs during two separate sessions. “It’s just a question of what the band wants to ultimately do with them,” the band’s co-manager, Darren Hill said.

But Westerberg might have a different message for fans, and he’s gone ahead and spelled out said message on his t-shirt each night of their reunion tour over the past two months. You see, every night Westerberg has worn a white t-shirt with a letter spray painted onto the front and back.

Savvy fans have kept track of the outfits, over on the on the aptly named Facebook page Paul’s Shirt, and concluded that those letters spell out two different sentences. According to the fans, the message reads: “I have always loved you. Now I must whore my past.” So, yeah, there’s that.

The band have also reportedly cancelled two make-up concerts for next month. The Replacements man, always keeping fans on their toes.

Watch: The Replacements – Bastards Of Young

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