The Smashing Pumpkins Won’t Play All The Hits At Splendour 2012

Billy Corgan is telling Australian fans not to expect to hear many of his old hits during the Smashing Pumpkins’ Splendour in the Grass performance this year. One thing is for sure, Billy won’t be taking requests, unless they are from his new album Oceania, which is due for release in June.

Speaking with, Corgan said: “Fans think you’re there to be a jukebox…My job is not to be an oldies act or what they call it over here, a nostalgic act. Sometimes I run my mouth and I shouldn’t. I should just smile like everyone would suggest that I do, but there just comes a point when it’s really a disservice to the legacy of the band.”

Would he ever consider the idea of playing old albums in full?

“Absolutely not … ultimately it’s at the death of everything new”, Corgan said.

He also said he sympathies with Axl Rose’s decision not to perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Awards with the original Guns N’ Roses members. When asked if he would have done the same thing if Smashing Pumpkins were selected for the award, Corgan replied:

“You have to understand I’ve been sued by my former band mates. I’ve had them cost me money, crazy amounts of money, over dumb shit…They don’t want to participate in things that involve fans, but they still want to make their money because they were around when stuff happened.”

All credit to Billy for taking this stance, and I personally can’t wait to see the pumpkins play the closing set at Splendour in the Grass this year, even if I don’t get to hear Disarm.

View the full Splendour in the Grass lineup here:

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