The Temper Trap Considering Legal Action For Cigarette Campaign “Rip-Off”

Melbourne outfit The Temper Trap say they’re “disgusted” by the “blatant rip-off” of one of their hit songs for use in an international cigarette advertising campaign and they are actively considering legal recourse.

According to the band’s representatives, a “rip-off” of The Temper Trap’s 2008 hit Sweet Disposition was used without permission in cigarette company Philip Morris International’s worldwide video, promoting their “Don’t Be A Maybe” campaign.

“This usage was not approved by anyone from the band, management, record labels or publishers,” said The Temper Trap’s management in a statement. “We are disgusted by this blatant rip-off of the band’s music and it’s currently in the hands of our legal team. ”

The uplifting music in the video, very reminiscent of The Temper Trap’s hit, plays over rolling footage of various young people engaged in adventurous and fun activities. The advertising campaign in question was actually banned in several countries for its focus on young consumers.

The campaign was thrust into the international spotlight again this week after it was lampooned on a recent episode of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. In light of that exposure, reports Buzzfeed, two filmmakers, one of them being Australian Rick Merekei, have come forward alleging the cigarette company also used their work without permission.

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