The Wyoming Ranch That Hosted Kanye West’s Listening Party Has Now Banned All Rappers

In the irrepressible maelstrom that is Kanye West‘s 2018, the Wyoming ranch that hosted his album listening party for Ye has now installed a “no more rappers” policy following Kanye and co.’s behaviour last week.

In an interview with TheBlast, owner of the Diamond Cross Ranch Jane Golliher said that the party was the “most confusing” event they’d ever held at the venue. In typical Kanye fashion, he reportedly changed his mind “every 30 minutes” and, after telling Golliher that he was hosting it inside, he changed his mind last minute and put it outside.

On top of that, and this is something everyone watching the stream already knows, the event started very lateThe party was supposed to end at 10pm, but didn’t end up starting until 9:30pm. Furthermore, the local laws state that any noise after 10pm must be 80 decibels or below – Kanye was playing his album at 120 decibels.

Throw all that in with the fact that Golliher’s husband threatened to cut the power and she spent the event sending her employees to other ranches to ensure no-one called the authorities, and Golliher has officially said there will be “no more rappers.” She will, however, allow “good music.” Go figure.

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