Thelma Plum Calls Out Boost Juice For “Offensive” New Ads

Indigenous Australian singer-songwriter Thelma Plum isn’t a fan of Boost Juice’s latest advertising campaign, which portrays characters covered in fruit-based ‘warrior’ outfits and face paint.

Taking to social media today to take the juice purveyors to task, Plum said the ‘Not So Real Warrior’ campaign is offensive to many indigenous cultures around the world.

“Hey Boost Juice would you mind deleting this entire ad and then also apologising and maybe even throw in some free smoothies for us mob,” she wrote. “Our culture is not a costume and definitely not for you to use to sell your fruit slushiez.

“This is actually so offensive to MANY Indigenous cultures around the world. It’s like you’ve mashed us all up into one.”

Several other people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the campaign, calling Boost out for cultural appropriation on their Facebook page.

In response, Boost commented that the inspiration for the campaign wasn’t drawn from any indigenous cultures, but rather warriors on television, claiming “we have not referenced any particular cultures”.

“Our Warrior’s [sic] were inspired by the warriors who fill our screens, think Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Throne[s] or Lagertha in Vikings who are both fierce, strong and warriors in their own right,” they wrote.

“For us it’s all about getting real fruit and real vegetables into your day, that helps our customers get the most out of there day and helps bring out their inner warrior.”

Check out the controversial ad for yourself alongside Thelma Plum’s comments, below.

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