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Thelma Plum Releases Statement About Alleged “Incident” Involving Sticky Fingers Frontman Dylan Frost

Thelma Plum has released a statement regarding an alleged “incident” involving Sticky Fingers frontman Dylan Frost.

“There was an incident between Thelma Plum and Dylan from Sticky Fingers on Friday night which left Thelma feeling very shaken,” reads the statement given to Music Feeds.

While it doesn’t detail the situation, Plum says that the band’s “indefinite hiatus” which was announced today, “has nothing to do with Thelma’s relaying what happened and everything to [do] with Dylan’s actions.

“This was always going to happen and it’s a shame that Thelma has been drawn into what seems [like] something that has been a long time coming.”

Following the incident on Friday, Plum took to her personal Facebook to say that Frost used his position as the lead singer of the band, “to get drunk, bully people and then is never held accountable for his actions because he’s ‘had a rough trot’ was super drunk.”

She further said to the other members of the band, “Don’t play in a band with someone who has a history of violence towards women.”

The statement addresses the rest of the band too saying, “Taking responsibility for ones actions had to happen, it’s up to them as a band and people to work towards a solution and Thelma won’t put any more emotional labor [sic] into this.”

“Thelma wishes Dylan the best with his recovery and getting the help he needs,” it concludes.

Frost said in a statement that he’s taking the steps to deal with his “unacceptable” behaviour.

He will be seeking “rehabilitation and therapy” over the coming weeks and has apologised, “to the people that have been affected by my behaviour.”

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