Thelma Plum’s Twitter Account Has Been Hacked & Wiped Out

Twitter fraud is as shitty as it is annoying, and one of the latest victims of someone with nothing better to do is Aussie singer-songwriter Thelma Plum.

Plum woke up in New York last week to find that her Twitter account had been hacked and her follower base stolen. “Today has been a big day of losing things,” she posted on Facebook. “Woke up this morn to find my twitter was hacked so if you see any cheeky posts pls know they aren’t from me.”

She didn’t hold back when echoing those same sentiments on Twitter, writing, “Aw damn ya girl got hacked by an asshole who presumably wants to sell me back my twitter booooo u suck y did u delete my followers tho.”

Plum’s account was renamed to @thelmaveri, so she tweeted the new account to ask the hacker(s) them to give the account back.

Another tweet indicated that the hacker(s) may have tried to sell her account and followers back to her, to which Plum responded, “r u serious? R u actually going to try and sell it back to me lmao keep it.”

Plum’s Twitter account is now void of all tweets before 14th November, and at the time of writing only has 20 followers, well down on her normal fan base.

Frenzal Rhomb’s Lindsay ‘The Doctor’ McDougall and a few other fans have also tweeted @thelmaveri, requesting that they give Plum’s page back, but they’ve since deleted the @thelmaveri account.

You can catch Thelma Plum at The Plot this Saturday in Sydney, as well as in January at Sydney Festival 2017. She’s also supporting Kasey Chambers at Twilight At Taronga‘s concert series in February next year. Hopefully by then Twitter will have figured out what the hell happened.

Watch: Thelma Plum – ‘Young In Love’

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